Hotell Hulingen in Hultsfred

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So you are looking for a hotel in Hultsfred? Then you should consider Hotell Hulingen to get a pleasant and nice hotel in Hultsfred. To reserve a room at Hotell Hulingen its easiest to call us at 0495-121 50 or visit our homepage ( for more information. Hotel in Hultsfred is Hotell Hulingen a good alternative when you are traveling to Hultsfred. It doesn't matter if you are planning a long stay i Hultsfred or not, Hotell Hulingen is a verygood alternative. At Hotell Hulingen you will find rooms to choose from. The room at Hotell Hulingen is in different styles and very stylish. At Hotell Hulingen you can find different rooms. Hotell Hulingen has several different rooms so don't hesitate to contact them at 0495-121 50. If you are planning to spend a lot of time in your room in Hultsfred it is possible to get cable at your room at Hotell Hulingen.Hotell Hulingen has 3 floors.

Contact information about Hotell Hulingen
Address Oskarsgatan 41
577 23 Hultsfred
Phone 0495-121 50
Fax 0495-105 05