Hotell Björken in Umeå

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Welcome to us at Hotell Björken. We are a modern and pleasant hotel in Umeå. To reserve a room we recommend you to visit our homepage, or call us at 090-10 87 00. Hotell Björken offers their guest a experience the never forget. There are several of different types of rooms and a lot of activities to try during your stay at the hotel. If you choose Hotell Björken you will have the opportunity to live in one of rooms which Hotell Björken can offer. Hotell Björken offers you as guest rooms in different sizes. To live at Hotell Björken is a pleasant experience. Hotell Björken does even have cable. Hotell Björken has 7 floors.

Contact information about Hotell Björken
Address Lasarettsbacken 10
907 19 Umeå
Phone 090-10 87 00
Fax 090-10 89 99