Hotel Emma in Östersund

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Hotel Emma is a beautiful located in Östersund. The easiest way to book a room at Hotel Emma is to call 063-51 78 40 or visit Hotel in Östersund is Hotel Emma a good alternative when you are traveling to Östersund. It doesn't matter if you are planning a long stay i Östersund or not, Hotel Emma is a verygood alternative. At Hotel Emma you can find different rooms. Hotel Emma has several different rooms so don't hesitate to contact them at 063-51 78 40. At Hotel Emma you will find rooms to choose from. The room at Hotel Emma is in different styles and very stylish. Hotel Emma does even have cable. Hotel Emma has 3 floors.

Contact information about Hotel Emma
Address Prästgatan 31
831 31 Östersund
Phone 063-51 78 40
Fax 063-51 78 42