Wxns Hotell in Karlstad

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So you are looking for a hotel in Karlstad? Then you should consider Wxns Hotell to get a pleasant and nice hotel in Karlstad. To reserve a room at Wxns Hotell its easiest to call us at 054-56 00 80 or visit our homepage (http://www.applehotel.se) for more information. Wxns Hotell is a beautiful hotel in Karlstad and for many people the fist chooise when visiting Karlstad. At Wxns Hotell you will find rooms to choose from. The room at Wxns Hotell is in different styles and very stylish. At Wxns Hotell you can find different rooms. Wxns Hotell has several different rooms so don't hesitate to contact them at 054-56 00 80. Wxns Hotell does even have cable. Wxns Hotell has 2 floors.

Contact information about Wxns Hotell
Address Ventilgatan 1
653 45 Karlstad
Phone 054-56 00 80
Fax 054-56 88 19
URL www.applehotel.se
Email waxnas@applehotel.se